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Impressionist Painter and friend of Vincent van Gogh ...
Eugene Boch (1855 - 1941)
Monthyon - Paris

Boch Ceramics
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Eugene Boch was a Belgian painter, born in Saint-Vaast, Hainaut
in the 5th generation of the Boch family
that makes Ceramics since 1748.

His father Victor Boch operated
the company Boch Frères and his uncle Eugen von Boch
the company Villeroy & Boch.

Eugene Boch in 1888
Atelier Cormon
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Atelier Cormand

Villa La Grimpette
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Villa La Grimpette

Summer 1888 in Arles
Vincent van Gogh painted by Vincent van Gogh
the bedroom
Eugen Boch by Vincent van Gogh
Paul Eugene Milliet by Vincent van Gogh
The Yellow House

In May 1888, van Gogh rented four rooms in a small building on 2 place Lamartine in Arles,
called "The Yellow House".
He intended to establish an artish colony, the studio of the South.

The Bedroom at Arles, c.1887
Vincent van Gogh
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Portrait of Eugene Boch, ...
Vincent van Gogh
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The Yellow House at Arles, c.1889
Vincent van Gogh
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The portrait "The Poet" (Eugene Boch) was done in september 1888 in the Yellow House in Arles,
at the same time as Van Gogh did the portrait "The Lover" (Paul Eugene Milliet)
and his self portrait dedicated to Paul Gaugin
shortly before Gaugin arrived in Arles 21 october 1888.

a letter from Vincent van Gogh to Eugene Boch send from Arles 4 Oct 1888

Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Eugene Boch

more about this letter

Starry Night over the Rhone, c.1888
Vincent van Gogh
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Starry Night, c.1889
Vincent van Gogh
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The Cafe Terrace
Vincent van Gogh
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Unlike Gaugins visit,
the time Eugene spent in Arles was a beautiful one.

It was also the period where Van Gogh painted
the different starry colours in the night paintings.

more about the night paintings from
the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Exchange of Paintings
Luitwin von Boch
Alte Abtei Mettlach
Mine of Crachet and Percy
Eugene Boch
"The Alpilles"
by Vincent van Gogh
to Eugene Boch
Vincent van Gogh
in Arles
photo owned by
Eugene Boch
"Mine of Crachet & Pecry"
by Eugene Boch
given to
Vincent van Gogh
Eugene Boch
by Anna Boch
Vincent van Gogh incited Eugene Boch to exchange some artwork.
The exchange of Eugene´s Painting "The mine of Crachet and Pecry" given to Vincent van Gogh
and Vincent van Gogh´s "The Alpilles" given to Eugene Boch has been documented
by Theo van Gogh
letters about the exchange of paintings
The Alpilles painting, today in the New York Guggenheim Museum


The Eugene Boch Portrait "The Poet"
... a "little" more than just a portrait by van Gogh

Eugene Boch
Van Gogh met the Belgian painter Eugène Boch in mid-June 1888,
while Boch was spending a few weeks near Arles.
Around 8 July, Vincent mentioned Boch in a letter to his brother Théo:
"I very much like the looks of this young man with his distinctive face,
like a razor blade, and his green eyes".

Behind his head, instead of painting the ordinary wall of this shabby appartment,
I will paint infinity,
I will do a simple background of the richest blue,
the most intense blue that I can create,
and through this simple combination of the bright head against this rich,
blue background,
I will obtain a mysterious effect,
like a star in the depths of an azure sky".

September 18 1888 the Eugene Boch portrait called "The Poet" was done.
Van Gogh kept the painting above his bed, next to the portrait of
Paul Eugene Milliet called "The Lover"
as one can see in the Bedroom Painting

Concerning this portrait "The Poet" or "Le peintre aux Etoiles"
Eugene Boch had some nostalgic feelings about the painting
... which,
some time after Vincent van Gogh´s death
... came to the ears of
Johanna van Gogh Bonger,
the sister in Law of Vincent van Gogh (died 29 july 1890)
and also the widow of Theo van Gogh (died 25 january 1891) .

23 July 1891
she wrote to Eugene Boch:
"I have heared that you would like to have the portrait,
which Vincent has painted about you in Arles in 1888.
It would be a pleasure for me to give it to you as a souvenir
of the two brothers,
as I know about the affection you had for them"

When Eugene died in his house Villa La Grimpette in Monthyon 3 Jan 1941
his sister Elisa Blondel, born Boch was there ...
she noted in her diary:
"It was during the rough winter 1940-41.
After Dec 26 1940 my brother had to stay in bed.
The phonelines were cut, there was too much snow on the roads to go anywhere.
There was no possibility to leave the house, or to call a doctor.
When Eugene couldn´t moove or talk any more,
his views were fixed on the portrait Van Gogh had painted of him.
He looked at it with admiration,
as if would have liked to say: "How beautiful it is
and how much I would have liked to be able to paint it

.... in other (todays) words
as if they had been in Love.

The portrait was situated
in the following Locations:

1888 Bedroom of Vincent van Gogh, Yellow House,
Arles, France
1890 collection Theo van Gogh
1891 collection Johanna von Gogh Bonger
1891 La Louvière Belgium
1892 - 1906 Garden House of Eugene Boch
in Monthyon, France
1910 - 1941 Bedroom of Eugene Boch, Villa La Grimpette, Monthyon, France

In his will Eugene Boch gave the Portrait to
the Societe des Amis du Louvre.
1942-1943 painting hidden by the Musee du Louvre
1944-1947 shown in the Musee du Louvre, Paris
1947-1986 Galerie du Jeu de Paume, Paris
since 1986 Musée d´Orsay

more details on the locations of the Portrait

Phonebook of
the Portrait is also on the Cover of the Phonebook of Paris
Not sure if Vincent van Gogh or Eugene Boch
would have like it´s reproduction
on uncountable T-Shirs, Umbrellas, Souvenirs ...
Phonebook of
It was shown in 22 Expositions


Eugene Boch´s paintings

De Rode Daachen 1888La Houliere 1891Mine of Crachet and Pecry
Paintings from the Borinage

Paintings from Algeria


Houses from Belgium

South of France



Friend´s of Eugene Boch

Eugene met many of his painter friends
at the Atelier Corman

Dodge Mac Knight
The American Artist Dodge Mac Knight
introduced Eugene to Vincent van Gogh
in the summer of 1888

Atelier CormonEmile Bernard painted by Henri Toulouse LautrecEmile Bernard self portraitPhoto of Emile Bernard and Vincent van Gogh
Emile Bernard was another common friend of Eugene Boch and Vincent van Gogh.

Eugene had met Emile in the Atelier Cormon Painting class in Paris
and in early years he sponsored his work so that he ended up
owning many paintings, his sister Anna Boch one.

Emile Bernard received many letters from Van Gogh
and after his death of van Gogh, Emile Bernard contributed a lot to make Vincent famous
by organising the first expositions of his paintings.
The common friendship to Vincent van Gogh
was a link for Eugene Boch and Emile and they stayed in contact all their life.
Emile Bernard stayed many times in Eugene Boch´s house,
La Villa La Grimpette.

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Sketch of the Sower in a ...
Vincent van Gogh
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Paul Gauguin, Self Portrait
Paul Gauguin and Eugene Boch, coming soon

Henri Toulouse Lautre, Self PortraitHenri Toulouse Lautre, Self Portrait
Henri Toulouse Lautrec and Eugene Boch, coming soon

Paul Cezanne photo by Emile BernardStillifeCardpalyers
Pauz Cezanne and Eugene Boch, coming soon

Eugene Boch´s cultural heritage

first pottery in Audun le Tige
Pierre Joseph Boch
Jean Francois Boch
Eugen von Boch
Victor Boch & Eugene Boch
Francois Boch
great great grandfather
founded the company in 1748
Pierre Joseph Boch,
(1737 - 1818)
great grandfather
2nd generation
Jean Francois Boch
(1782 - 1858)
3rd generation
Eugen von Boch
(1809 - 1898)
4th generation
Victor Boch (and Eugene)
(1817 - 1920)
4th generation

In the 10 generations of the Boch family,
there have always been,
... some Business People
... and some Artists.

Old Luxembourg
(Vieux Luxembourg)
a design in production
since 1768
Anna Boch
(1817 - 1920)
5th generation

Many times the family´s artistic potential has been used
for the benefit of the company.
But sometimes
... the One did not understand the Others

Destiny of Eugene and Anna´s Art Collection

Anna and Eugene Boch
Eugene and Anna Boch were unconventional and non conformist
which annoyed some cousins of their age
around the company seat in Mettlach, Germany.
After the death of their uncle Eugen von Boch
contact ceased.

Due to Eugene and Anna´s friendship with many artists,
and their desire to sponsor artists with no money,
they built up two of the most important collections of Impressionist Art of their times.

When they passed away in 1936 and 1941
both collections
the Eugene Boch collection
and the Anna Boch collection
were dissolved.

The Alpilles exhanged between Van Gogh and Eugene Boch
The Alpilles
given in 1890
by Vincent van Gogh
to Eugene Boch
in exchange
of a painting by Eugene
Landscape with snow
Landscape with snow
given in 1888
by Vincent
as present
to Eugene Boch
Landscape with snow
Portrait Eugene Boch
given in 1891
by Johanna van Gogh
as present
to Eugene Boch.
Legs to the Louvre
The Red Vineyard
The Red Vineyard
only painting
Van Gogh sold
in his life
for 400 Francs
to Anna Boch (1890)
Beach Blossoms
Beach Blossoms in the Craux
by Anna Boch
in 1891
for 350 Francs
at Galerie Bernheim

maybe more ??

Only 25 years and 2 generations later, in the 1960s
Luitwin von Boch took the initiative to save what was left from their cultural heritage.

Villeroy & Boch Headquarter and Museum of Ceramics
Luitwin von Boch
Alte Abtei Mettlach
Luitwin & Beatrice von Boch
Old Abbey
home of the future
Anna & Eugene Boch
Luitwin von Boch,
(1906 - 1988)
great nephew
7th generation
Gate of the Alte Abtei,
seat of Villeroy & Boch
and home of the future
Anna & Eugene Boch Expo
Luitwin & Beatrice von Boch
and Milicent
Luitwin & Beatrice von Boch
and children
8th generation

Luitwin von Boch, 7th generation, was very charismatic.
When he became CEO of Villeroy & Boch he was only 25
the company was struggeling ...
Over the years,
during his 40 year long presidency,
he multiplied the company´s value
over and over again,
by more than a 100 times !

Villeroy & Boch Logo
Logo designed around 1950 for Luitwin von Boch
inspired the later creation of the Air France Logo

Air France Logo
Concorde by Air France

He saw the importance to maintain
the almost forgotten
cultural heritage
of his uncle Eugene and his aunt Anna ...
He hired Dr Thérèse Thomas, a young historian,
to research information.

In the late 1960´s he was able to buy some of Eugene´s
and many of Anna´s paintings
... with the idea
to make a Museum in Mettlach, Germany.

Due to a complicated "viager" contract most of the paintings only arrived in 1992,
4 years after his death in 1988,
so Luitwin von Boch did not have the time to realize the Museum ....

It is planned to open a permanent expo in April 2011.

Apparently Eugene Boch´s collection included several Van Gogh paintings,
more than what is actually known to the public:
He received one painting when exchanging artworks between "painter friends",
other paintings might have been given to him by Vincent as presents.
Presents by affection or presence by gratitude ...

In the older generations of the Boch family it was a tradition
to support friends in financial needs,
without ever talking about it.
It would surprise the editor of this website
if "uncle" Eugene had not been a discrète financial support
for Vincent in between
the summer 1888 until the end of his life.

La Boule by Helen von Boch
Helen von Boch
Helen von Boch
938 - 2007)
great great niece - designer
8th generation
Wildrose designed by Helen von Boch
Also he remembers a conversation back in the times he was a teenager
with his late aunt Helen von Boch,
an Artist,
the family´s most talented designer
and the "cash cow" of the 1970s.
Amazing stories about multiple Van Gogh paintings.
Was it her imagination or was it based
on some details she knew from older generations ?

Helen knew a lot from from history as she grew up in the design studios.
Many did not understand her ...
... but if she was right ?
Unfortunately the editor of the site did not listen more carefully at the time ...
He always knew about 2 van Gogh paintings,
"The poet" and "The Red Vineyard"
but while making the website he found 2-3 more ...

Johanna van Gogh Bogner
Johanna van Gogh Bogner,
widow of Vincent van Gogh´s brother Theo
and in later years friend of Eugene Boch

As already mentioned Eugene Boch received his portrait done by Vincent van Gogh
as a present from Johanna van Gogh Bogner.
what happened to the other paintings
owned by Johann
a van Gogh ?

Villa La Grimpette
The Art Collection was located in Eugene´s house,
La Villa La Grimpette in Monthyon, France

Many information on the destiny of Eugene Boch´s amazing collection is missing ....
In 1914 his house La Villa La Grimpette was used
as a Seat for the Etat Major of the French Army fighting against the Germans
... which might not have helped the paintings.
what happened
to the Villa La Grimpette

What happened to the paintings ?

Eugene Boch
Eugene´s favorite painting however got to it´s destination,
as had wanted it.
In his own will he passed on the present he got
from Vincent & Johanna van Gogh
to the van Gogh Lovers of the World
by giving it to the Louvre.

As he was very discrete,
very shy,
too shy to promote himself.
Not many people might think about him any more today ...
Just like van Gogh,
he never received much recognition in his lifetime ....

During his long life it was his joy
to notice his friend Vincent becoming
more and more famous,
world famous.

By giving the portrait to the Louvre,
that had already died back in 1890,
51 years before Eugene,
and that had expressed the desire to paint Eugene as beautiful as he could,

like a star in the depths of an azure sky
made him become famous
on his turn
... after his own death

now , 70 years later, this little website might contribute a little ...

About this website

Eugene Boch
This website was set up in August 2010
in Mettlach, Germany
by a great great great
nephew of Eugène Boch.

Beatrice von BochWalburga BambergerDonata ReisigAdeline Reimer
The inspiration to make the
Anna and Eugene
websites came from
Beatrice von Boch,
and her friends
Walburga Bamberger, Donata Reisig & Adeline Reimer
and the
renowned historian Dr Thérèse Thomas.
Dr Therese Thomas

Beatrice von Boch passed away
a few months later.
This was an End of an Era.
It was also the end of a certain savoir faire
in favour of innovation, culture,
spirit of entrepreneurship,
countless inventions
and creativity ...
that had brought prosperity over the entire region.

The joy to find so many interesting
historical information
when making the Eugene and Anna Boch websites
had an impact on the later creation of a multitude of
other projects,

But none of these projects was done from beautiful Mettlach,
they went to an environment
that still loves,
& honors

today more than ever before
... Paris

Cremerie de
Cremerie de
came alive ..

Anna and Eugène would love it
as the Cremerie would remind them
or their own times in Paris
and all their artist friends with whom they used to go
to the Les Halles food market.

Cremerie de Paris Talents
they would also love it
because the Cremerie
has again become
a hotspot
from there iconic designers
and creative people like thme
expose their products.

Back in 1870 Cremerie de Paris started as an iconic milk store
near the Pavillons Baltard,
the famous marché des Halles de Paris Halles.
Studying it's history we found out that
it was known by many
artistic people.
Coco Chanel, has been there over and over again.
and early photographers, like Charles Marville or Eugène Atget
took fabolous pictures ...

The building, exists since 1640
in it's current configuration ...
but the basements are much much older.

Cremerie de Paris has always had a magic attraction
on creative talents through a long period of time.
A mix of old history from the Royaume de France
the very open minded rue des Halles
and todays Internet world.

In 2011,
Cremerie de Paris became
an Expo Center for Very Beautiful Brands.
Many Video
like "Laser Ballon Popping" by Scott Stevenson
have been filmed there ....

Palace Hotels of the
Palace Hotels of the,
a Hotel Culture Info site

Also valuable information
Isabelle Taudière
(Biography Van Gogh - The Life)
van Gogh biography the Life

Museums which expose Eugene Boch Paintings
or Paintings from the Eugene Boch Collection

Musee Orsay
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Keramik Museum Mettlach
Musee Royal de Mariemont
Van Gogh Huis


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